Torre Agbar: Barcelona’s Most Eye-Catching Nighttime Attraction

What, might you ask, is that gigantic spaceship-like building protruding into Barcelona’s skyline?  French architect Jean Nouvel’s Torre Agbar is, to this date, the 3rd tallest building in Barcelona , has become an iconic symbol of the city and one of the most photographed structures in our city.  Its name, Agbar, comes from Spanish: “Aguas de Barcelona,” the municipal water company for Barcelona.  Just under 10 years old, the Torre Agbar has a promising future potential as a tourist attraction.

Torre agbar by afternoon

Rather dull by afternoon, spectacular by nighttime

It may appear as an average skyscraper building by day, but its unique lighting by night grabs peoples attention, mostly since it’s not listed as a tourist attraction or something to be visited upon a holiday.

Nouvel’s design was inspired by our beloved Gaudí and his distinct style that left such a prominent mark on the city.  Thus, he took his inspiration primarily from nature, and more specifically from the local Monserrat mountains.  Its appearance is meant to resemble a water fountain that constantly changes its appearance, visible in its nighttime appearance.  He built it 142 meters high, dramatically changing the Barcelona skyline, adding it to other prominent buildings such as the cathedral in the Gotic Quarter, Placa Espanya, The Sagrada Familia, and so forth.  The Torre Agbar was built using bioclimatic architecture, which mandates using climate and environmental conditions wisely to reduce energy consumption — being an important “green” building in Barcelona.  Its front layers has thousands of glass lourves that can be redirected to maximize its capacity to produce solar energy.  If you notice closely, there are multiple layers between the facade and the interior rooms, which allows a natural circulation of air in the building.

The Torre Agbar comes to life at night

The Torre Agbar comes to life at night

When the Torre Agbar is lit up at night, its changes of color are really impressive.  4,500 glass panels become illuminated and change their colors constantly.  During the winter, the hours to see it it lit up are Friday-Sunday from 20-23h, and in summer from 21-24h.  During certain events or seasons there are times when they choose to illuminate it in addition to the normal days. Unfortunately, the office building is not open to the public, so it is not possible to go up and experience views from inside of the Agbar.  However, there is an exhibition in the lobby which depicts the history of Barcelona’s water treatment. We recommend visiting it at night, but not too close as it is better viewed from further away.  Enjoy the sights!

The Torre Agbar's thousands of glass window panels

The Torre Agbar’s thousands of glass window panels become illuminated to create a beautiful spectacle

Address: Avinguda Diagonal 211

How to Arrive: Red line, L1, Glòries

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Photo Credits: Ania Mendrek, SantiMB, Dasoaz, Maciek Lulko, Michael Jansen.  

A peak of Barcelona's skyline with Torre Agbar to the left

A peak of Barcelona’s skyline with Torre Agbar to the left

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