Visit Barcelona’s Highest Point at Tibidabo Amusement Park

Tibidabo mountain lies high above Barcelona, and atop lies an amusement park, restaurant and spectacular views of the city.  There is also a church at the highest point of the mountain, which can be admired from lower points in the city.  If you are looking for the truly highest point in Barcelona, need look no further.

Atop the mountain is an amusement park with a ferris wheel as one of its most famous attractions. The theme park was built over one hundred years ago, so it carries a distinct, antique charm.  You can choose to pay for rides individually or get day-passes which offer access to the entire park’s attractions.  If you’re not traveling with children (as most of the rides are geared toward young children), Tibidabo still offers sights that are worth visiting.  The church atop the mountain, Temple de Sagrat Cor, built in 1806, offers fantastic architecture.  If you desire an even higher view, inside the church you can take a lift and get an even better view.  As said before, the view alone is reason enough to have a visit to Tibidabo.

Views from the ferris wheel on Tibidabo are unbeatable.

The journey to Tibidabo starts with a quick train ride from the city center (Plaça Catalunya)  by taking the brown line L7 train.  Note that this is an underground train, not the metro, so make sure you follow signs for “RENFE” as opposed to the red metro signs.  If you have purchased a T-10 or a single journey card, you can use it for this part of the journey.  You will be dropped at “Plaza de John Kennedy” near the bus stop (it will be directly in front of you). From here, your journey is half way over and you will be just about mid-mountain.  To continue all the way up, you will get on the funicular train.  This funicular/tram is called “Tramvia Blau” — it offers amazing views over barcelona as you inch up the mountain.  The trips run about every 15-30 minutes and you pay on the tram (return journey is 4.70 euros).  The tram ride is under 10 minutes, so the whole journey up to Tibidabo can be as quick as about 30 minutes in total. However, there’s no need to rush — take in the views, stop for a drink before boarding the tram, and enjoy this wonderful area of the city.  Getting there could seem to be a bit tedious by taking the different modes of transport, but if you follow this route, you should have no difficulties!

The church lights up at night and can be seen from most areas in Barcelona.

A Few Bits of Advice:

  • There aren’t loads of food and drink options once you arrive to Tibidabo — and the ones that are available can be quite pricey.  Picnics are allowed, so if you have the time and energy, we would recommend that you plan ahead.  Just a five-minutes walk from the Ramblas Building is the Famous La Boqueria market, you will have endless picnic options!
  • Make sure you give yourself enough time to get the tram back down the mountain.  If you wait for the last tram, you might find yourself stressed if there is a line to get on.
  • Winter Tram Timetable: Saturdays & Sundays only.  Ascent: 10-18:05.  Descent: 10:20-18:05.
  • Summer Tram Timetable: Every day. Ascent: 10-20:05.  Descent: 10-20:05.

Panoramic views from Tibidabo are incredible! Check them out for yourself.

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Photo Credits: Santi MB, Miquel Llexia Mora, Pablo Nicolas Taibi Cicare,  Rodrigo Accurcio, Isaias Lopez Mayo


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