The Other Boqueria: Santa Caterina Market

Already been to the famous “La Boqueria” food market on La Rambla?  Tired of the crowds and tourist groups swarming by the minute around each food stall?  We invite you to head to wonderful indoor food market known as “Mercat Santa Caterina” in the neighboring district of Born.  Not only is the colorful rooftop or the architectural genius of Barcelona’s first covered food market aesthetically pleasing, you can get all kinds of goodies, fruits and veggies, tapas, seafood, meats, prepared plates, and fresh baked goods and more at the less-invaded Santa Caterina Market. The quality of produce is reputed to be one of the best in Barcelona, and to have come from surrounding areas.

Fresh seasonal fruit is always available at Santa Caterina.

A chef’s paradise.

The market originally opened in 1845 and was recently refurbished by two architects in 2005, Enric Miralles and Benedetta Tagliabue.  The objective for the building of the market was to provide working-class citizens living in Ciutat Vella with a convenient place to purchase fresh goods.  During the civil war, the market became one of the main food suppliers to the towns surrounding Barcelona, as citizens from villages nearby would visit to buy food during times of shortages.  Now, it’s located in the currently trendy neighborhood of El Borne, where many tourists spend their days perusing the small streets.  The market itself is most known for its colorful, curved, wave-like roof that can be seen from a distance or from the air.  It has bits of ceramic pieces, differentiating it from the gothic architecture other food markets boast in Barcelona.

100 stalls offer fresh products from Catalonia.

Seafood right out of the Mediterranean.

It’s located in a square of old and new apartment buildings mixed together, standing out and giving it notably fresher life.  Under its fantastic architecture lie 100 food stalls, locals and tourists, in a beautiful clean space with some of the freshest goods you’ll find in our city.

Hours: Monday-Wednesday and Saturdays 7:30 to 15:30h, Thursday & Friday 7:30-20:30h.  Closed Sundays.

How to Arrive: You can arrive in 15-minutes walking from the Ramblas building.

Address: Av. de Francesc Cambó, 16

Photo Credits: Jack FreTo, Stuart Pinfold, Heather Ramsden, Leon, Leonora Enking.

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