Primavera Sound 2015 Celebrates its 15th Year!

Primavera Sound, one of Barcelona’s best, well-rounded, mastermind music festivals has presented itself with another fantastic lineup to celebrate its 15th year of concession.  The festival is for true music lovers, and has grown in its reputation of such over the last few years by its great lineups and music-goers. Notable acts such as The Strokes, The Replacements, The Black Kets and Underworld headline the event.  Other great acts will be at Primavera Sound, such as Damien Rice, James Blake, Alt-J, Caribou, and so many more are part of the event lasting from the 28th to the 30th of May.

Located at the huge outdoor space of Forum on the outskirts of Barcelona, the venue is perfectly situated on the edge of the Mediterranean with multiple spaces and pristine design to enable festival-goers to see all their favorite bands with great views. The most incredible feature of the space is the famous dark blue building called “Barcelona Forum” that looks like a giant sponge with huge mirrored sections.  Since its construction, multiple festivals and events have been hosted at Forum, all pulling off with great success. The space is people-friendly, and extremely open.  Before the entrance to the festival is a gigantic space in which people form circles, join with friends and strangers, share beers and listen to music.

Still not convinced, or have some concerns?  Here are all of your questions answered:

Is it too late to buy tickets? No chance!  There’s too much fun to be had.  There are still Tickets available, at a price of 195€ for all of the days.  Day passes are available until the 12th of May for 80€ and from the 13th of May for 90€.

Where can I find out more detailed information about the festival?  Head to their (english) webpage!  It’s well informative and should be posting the timetables for each day soon.

What are the food options inside the venue?  There is an expansive space with loads of tables dedicated to caterers offering all types of international food.  However, the food is sold at inflated prices, so if you’re on a budget, bring food in!  The festival does all you to bring food on-site.  It’s worth planning ahead and bringing food for a picnic with you.  Outside beverages are, however, not allowed, with the exception of water bottles with the lids removed.

Are there other events in the city that are related to the festival?  Of course! The entire city holds events during Primavera sound week.  With the purchase of your ticket, you will be able to get into these events for free.  Keep checking the website for the festival to see recent postings and updates.  Also, upon arrival in Barcelona, keep your eyes open for posters of events relating to Primavera Sound.

How do you arrive to the festival? To arrive to Parc del Forum, you must take the metro to El Maresme Forum which is on the yellow line

Would the staff at Feel at Home Barcelona be able to arrange a taxi service to the festival?  Sure.  Give us ample notice and we’ll call you a cab — no problem.


Photo Credits: Jason Paris

Primavera Sound is one of the best music festivals Barcelona holds annually and our beautiful apartments located in the city center are an excellent choice to stay at during your time at the festival. In 20 minutes on the metro you will arrive at your destination of Forum. If you’re also interested in exploring the city while you’re here, we’re near all the main sights in Barcelona.  At our Ramblas Building Apartments, we have everything you need to allow you to fully enjoy your holiday: friendly, helpful staff and fully-stocked apartments in the most central location.  


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