Lace up and Enjoy the Best of Barcelona!

You couldn’t pick a more perfect time to grab your trainers and head out to one of the many green spaces Barcelona has to offer.  As we are in arguably the best temperatures of the year, before the heat of the summer officially arrives, picking one of our trails to enjoy the outdoors is a great addition to any day.  If you’ve decided to pack your running shoes on your holiday, you surely won’t regret it! Here are three of our best spaces to run in, some information on how to get there, and what you’ll see along the way.

The Green Route: Montjuïc Mountain

Resting on the northern end of Barcelona, Montjuïc mountain is home to many of our treasured landmarks, pristine gardens, and more. This is, by far, one of our greenest areas inside the city. As you wind your way up, you’ll see the city from different vantage points.  If you make it almost to the top, you’ll pass the Olympic stadium where you are rewarded with stunning views of the sea and El Prat.  At the top rests the castle with views of the entire city.  In terms of arrival to Montjuïc, there are a variety of ways you can find yourself there, as well as a number of running paths to take.  From the Ramblas building, you can either begin by running from there which is only about a kilometer away, by taking side paths as you see the mountain before you, or you can jump on the metro green line, then take it to Plaça Espanya, in which case you’ll be dropped off in front of the steps leading up to the national catalan art museum.  This is a simple way to arrive, and from here you can go up the stairs, and once you arrive to the top where the museum is, either go right or left, and find any number of paths and gardens that circle around the mountain.  It’s best to go without a plan, see what draws you, and enjoy being immersed in trees and wildlife so near to the city center!

Gardens full of flowers are in bloom in now that spring is here!

The olympic stadium rests more than half way up the mountain.

Escape the City: La Carretera de les Aigües

Greenery and gravel paths at Carretera de les Aigües.

Spanning just about 20-kilometers, this trail touches the Collserola mountain range, with stunning views overlooking Barcelona and the Mediterranean. Being in the mountain range, you’ll come across animals such as rabbits, quails and squirrels. Deemed the name “Carretera de les Aigües” for the way the trail weaves around water pipelines, it offers views that encompass the whole city almost for the entirety of the way. Having become a favorite running (and cycling) spot among locals and visitors, there are well-marked signs indicated for each kilometer.  With the coming heat, many flock to this popular, mainly flat running route to escape a bit of the humidity that rests in the city center.  Experienced and beginning runners take on the path, and is a great way to escape the traffic lights in the city.  This gem of a path is situated just outside the compounds of the city and is easily accessible by way of public transport. To arrive, take the Ferrocarriles from Plaça Catalunya to Peu del Funicular, and then take the Funicular that goes up Vallvidrera and get off at Carretera de les Aigües.

For wider-open trails, head out during the week. During the weekends, many families head to Carretera de les Aigües to pass the day with bikes and little ones.

The Beach Route: La Barceloneta to Forum

For runners, cruising in the sunshine along Barceloneta is one of the best ways to start your day!

What could be better than running along the Mediterranean with the breeze from the sea to cool you down?  We recommend this run for the morning, as you’ll have more space to run without the flocks of people there by the mid-day.  As you’re looking at the port facing the Colom statue, go left along the port until you hit the main street Paseo de Juan de Borbón and turn right.  From here you’ll be led to the beach where you can run right to the direction of Hotel Vella or left along the boardwalk, and catching running paths that lead all the way to Forum.  On this route, you are offered wonderful views of the sea and as you reach the outskirts of the city, closer to Forum, you’ll come across beautiful, more vacant beaches with crystal-clear water.  Again, as said previously, its best to do this route earlier in the morning as now the good weather has arrived, pedestrians and cyclists occupy the paths, leaving little room to enjoy the trail.  From the Ramblas Building to Forum, it is around 16 kilometers return trip, but the entirety of it is along the coast, so you have the flexibility to turn around and head back when it’s time for some cañas and tapas.  Or, even better, stop off for some refreshments at any one of the beach bars on the sand!  If you’re feeling ambitious, there are running trails that extend to the neighboring beach towns such as Badalona, all the way through Premia del Mar.

For the adventurous, the trails extend to the beaches outside of the city!

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Photo Credits: Eric Duquenoy, Ling Travel, Metamorfoseambulante, Oh-Barcelona, Ricardo Luengo, ShBarcelona, EnBarcelona.


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