La Rambla: Barcelona´s Most Beloved Street

If you are a first timer in Barcelona, you probably have either seen photos, had people recommend to you, or read something about our city´s most cherished street.  It stretches from the true city center square, Plaça Catalunya until Port Vell, connecting the city center to the main port.  On respective sides of La Rambla lie the neighborhoods of El Raval and the Gothic Quarter.  Lined with trees, the middle portion is appropriated to solely pedestrians where they can pass restaurant terraces and some street performers.  All 1.2 kilometeres of La Rambla are full of a whole variety of activities, entertainment, restaurants, theatres, markets, shops, people and street shows. At the end lies the Cristopher Colombus monument.  Don´t be intimidated by the crowds — take in the atmosphere and energy given off by its passersby and the historical ambiance as you stroll the length of the street.  After all, it is the most commonly known landmark that visitors are most familiar with, thus a trip to Barcelona wouldn´t be the same without a visit to La Rambla.

Aerial view of La Rambla taken from the Port, looking towards the city.


  • The Boqueria Market: When walking down La Rambla, on your right-hand side you will find Barcelona´s most popular and largest food market.  It is a must see — check out our article on the Boqueria to find out everything you need to know about the market.  Local tip: visit in the morning to get the freshest produce and avoid the constant stream of crowds!

Plenty of fresh vegetables, fruit and SO much more to be found at the Boqueria.

  • Liceu Opera House: Built in 1847 and renovated multiple times, the Liceu Opera House is a prestigious venue that has had overwhelming of success over the years.  Seating over 2,000, it is a luxurious theatre with frequent shows.  It is absolutely beautiful inside — see for yourself!
  • Canaletas Fountain: Just at the beginning of the La Rambla, below Plaça Catalunya lies this fountain.  Story holds that FC Barça fans drink from this fountain to celebrate victories.
  • Christopher Columbus monument: Protruding 60 meters into the sky, the Colom monument stands at the end of La Rambla, and you will notice him pointing to the sea.

The Colom statue marks the end of La Rambla.

  • Miró Mosaic: Close to the Liceu metro stop is the beautiful, circular mosaic of colored tiles.  Myth holds that one tile is signed by Miró himself, and if you look hard enough, you will find it!
  • Plaça Reial: This square just off of La Rambla is full of fabulous restaurants and bars!  Head to Les Quinze nits for a great Mediterranean meal and follow it up with a nightcap at Ocaña.  In the evenings, notably on weekends, it lights up with young people having beers around the fountain, friends having drinks on outdoor terraces, and people pouring in to visit the discos in or near the square.

Plaça Reial at daytime offers lovely restaurant terraces to enjoy a meal or afternoon coffee.

A few tips:

  • The metro stops on La Rambla are all on the green line — starting at Plaça Catalunya going down to the port, with Liceu bringing you to about the middle of the street, and Drassanes will put you at the port & the Christopher Columbus statue.
  • At the height of the tourist season, particularly in the summer months, the street can get quite crowded and full of pickpockets, so take special care with your belongings.
  • Be more cautious if walking La Rambla at night.  Often times tourists are pegged as easy targets for the pickpockets.
  • Don´t leave your bag on the floor or on the seat next to you if you choose one of the many cafe terraces on La Rambla.
  • The Boqueria is closed on Sundays, so if your trip only consists of a weekend, make sure you plan accordingly!

La Rambla is beautiful at night as it is lit up by the buildings that enclose the street.

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Photo Credits: Silviu Opris, Mikko Kuhna, Stuart Pinfold, Everything Barcelona, Andrew Holmes, Niki Sniki

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