Holi Festival of Colors Comes to Barcelona!

The Holi festival of colors returns for Barcelona’s edition this weekend on Sunday April 12th!  Thousands flock in all white to the festival to celebrate the day, leaving covered in beautiful assortments of powdered colors.  The open-air festival is full of music, dancing, people throwing colors, and events taking place frequently.  People pass the day throwing powder in a wide assortment of colors on their faces, bodies, on strangers and friends alike.  This carefree festival is a way to relax, unify with those around you, and forget the differences that daily life separates us by.  Holi festival in Barcelona is a sure-fire great event to attend while on your holiday!


Powders come in all colors, making for a beautiful sight for Holi Festival.

The festival consists of colors, strangers, friends, and unity between those around you.

Holi is traditionally a spring festival celebrated by Hindus in the areas of India, Nepal, and South Asia mainly.  Nevertheless, the celebration has spread internationally, creating one of the most interesting, fun, wild parties there is.  Some know it by the festival of colors or the festival of love, regardless of what you know it by, it is a festival worthy of many reputations.  Celebrations of Holi begin the night before, with a huge bonfire gatherings with loads of people, where singing, dancing, drinking, and eating take place.  The next morning commences the celebrations, where it becomes a free-for-all war zone of colors.  Men and women, rich and poor, old and young, play side by side all throughout the town in parks, streets, outside buildings and religious buildings with music in the background playing all day from live bands.  Imagine entire towns in a friendly war-zone, with the pounding of drums and singing, laughing and carrying on.  This day symbolizes the arrival of spring and final passing of winter, a day for ties and relationships to be mended, and most importantly a day to laugh, forget and forgive.  With such a superb objective, no wonder the festival celebrations have spread so expansively.

Dancing in the street during Holi Fest is a common tradition for the celebrations.

Make the most of your Sunday and enjoy a culture distinct to your own!  Enjoy the day with strangers and friends alike in this unique festival that has arrived from thousands of miles away.  Feel free to ask our staff for any questions you may have!

Hours: 11h to 17:30h

Location: Avd. Cardenal Vidal i Barraquer

How to arrive: Exit at L3 Montbau metro stop.  Walk in the direction downhill and you will hear the music immediately, and see the cloud of colors.


  • Wear old clothing, as some of the colors may not wash out as easy as others.
  • Put oil of some sort onto your skin beforehand to prevent the powder from sinking into your skin.
  • Wear white clothes!

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Photo Credits: Modes Rodriguez, Ishan Khosla, Steffane Lui, HoliBarcelona.

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