Hole-in-the-wall Mexican Ice Cream Shop Makes Name for Itself


One of the few proven, most enjoyable ways to cool off in this humid July, is to top off a day at the beach with a fresh, homemade ice cream.  La Heladeria Mexican prides itself on its hand-made artisan ice creams made from fresh and natural ingredients.   This isn’t your typical ‘heladeria’ or ice-cream shop in Barceloneta wher guests enter to escape the summer heat, aspire to be cooled off, pay, and leave within minutes.  La Heladería Mexicana is a small Mexican haven tucked away just a short blocks’ distance from the beach.  The establishment restores our faith in the ability for start-ups and small businesses to thrive in one of our most bustling areas overrun with visitors looking for souvenir shops and overpriced tapas.  This hole-in-the-wall is nothing resemblant of that of a fraud — having won the “Certificate of Excellence” from tripadvisor for 2015, La Heladería Mexicana truly prides itself on its quality and contentment of its customers.

Owned by Mexican nationality’s Rico Terrones, this small ice cream joint not only serves up some of the best ‘gelat’ in town but also prepares some of the most delicious authentic Mexican plates you will find in Barcelona.  Though the menu is small — you’re left with wonderful choices indeed, such as nachos, tacos, and burritos with  chicken mole (chocolate chicken) or mexican corn and cheese.

Many are made from simply fruit and water, being completely vegan, lacking dairy products.  Vegans will have their hands full amongst the choices presented to them.  Spicy options such as mango with chile or carmel with chile are challenges (and local favorites) that surely need testing. Flavors like “margarita de maracuya” or raspberry with coconut are some of the many options for its clientele.  Guava, cucumber, avocado, tamarind are some on the laundry list of flavors that this operation has to offer.  Known for its unique and exotic flavors, guests seldom leave disappointed.

AddressC/ Mestrança, 49

Hours: Tuesday to Sunday 12h to 21h.  Closed Mondays.

Telephone: +34 93 174 35 98

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Photo Credits: La Heladeria Mexicana.

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