Festa Major in Raval This Weekend!


Each neighborhood in Barcelona throughout the summer celebrates a party that lasts anywhere from around seven to nine days (and occasionally more). During these days, you wouldn’t be able to begin to imagine the amount of events put on, participants, and residents from all areas of Barcelona.  The main objective of the “Festa Major” is to bring together the residents of the district and celebrate their living together in the neighborhood.  Its english translation being “patronage festival,” is considered to be a yearly celebration in which many spanish cities celebrate.  As in all of the “festa majors” in Barcelona, town members accessorize the streets with colorful decorations.  Other well-known examples of “festa majors” in large Spanish cities include Las Fallas in Valencia taking place in March, and San Fermín in Pamplona in the beginning of July.  Because they are not considered religious holidays by the government, they are not holidays.  However, some people choose to take some time off of work to enjoy the events.


The Festa Major de Raval is an extended festival for friends and family for the area of Raval, but just as in any other neighborhood, residents of other areas of Barcelona and visitors to the city are just as welcome to take part in the festivities. The party kicks off on this Thursday, the 16th, with a huge parade circling the “barrio,” or neighborhood, with dancing, the famous “gigantes” (giant people), and music.  The weekend will be action packed, with events primarily running on Friday, Saturday and Sunday.  Musical events and neighborhood dinners in public areas will continue into the wee hours of the morning.  There is a wide variety of events that you surely shouldn’t miss.  Here are a few:

Kick-off Parade


  • As said previously, it will take place on Thursday afternoon, starting at 19.30h in Plaza Joan Amadez and will continue until 20:15 with dancing giants through carrer Angels, finishing at 21h in the Plaza Vincenç Martorell, continuing with music from Viqui Molins until 00:00h.



  • Saturday 22:30-23:30, c. Guifré – c. Joaquín Costa – c. del Carme – c. Floristes de la Rambla – Pl. Gardunya
  • Saturday, 22.45h, Plaza Joan Amades


  • Human towers, or “castellers” in Catalan, are an emblemaic and crucial element to their identity.  In essentially every festa major in Barcelona, there will be acts of human towers multiple times throughout the course of the fesitval.
  • There is no specific scheduling updated yet on the itinerary.  Keep your eyes out or ask for our staff to see if an updated schedule is available!

Live Concerts

  • Macropulpada Electronica: Friday, 16.30 to 2h at “Pista Aurora.” Continuous live pop music.
  • Hot Carajillo’s Happy Band: Friday, 22h at Placeta del Carrer Cervelló.  Swing music.
  • Live Music and Dj’s: Friday 18 to 2h, Rambla de Raval.
  • The Park Band: Friday 00.00h, Carrer Unió.  Rock & Blues.
  • Ayora i Funk’On Crest: Saturday 23h, Plaza Salvador Seguí.
  • Various Music Events: Saturday 20h-00.00h. Carrer de la Riereta. 20h: Lil Bonzai, 22h Jazz Trio, 00.00h JustSwing DJ
  • The League of Astonishing String: Saturday 18h.  Museu Marítim.
  • Dakka Merakchiya: Sunday 19.30 to 12.30.  Rambla de Raval.  Traditional Moroccan music.


  • Head over to the CCCB and MACBA for one of the four free exhibitions being held on “Pis(o) Pilot(o)”, “Contínuum” “Desitjos i necessitats” or “Sergi Agiular.”


This is just a small amount of the plethora of events being held over the course of the Festa Major in Raval this weekend.  The itinerary is only available in Catalan, but if you scroll to the bottom, you will find a useful map with numbers for the events in regards to their location.

Photo Credits: Julien Lagarde, Gustave Deghliage,

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