Easter in Barcelona 101

Passing the Easter holidays in the city?  We’ll get you informed on all the local Easter traditions, events and processions and more!  Enjoy the best of our city with the coming of Spring and extended days with plentiful sunshine. The week known as “Semana Santa” or holy week, is very important to Spanish citizens.  During the time, there is time off of work to relax and enjoy time with family.

Good Friday, which falls on the 3rd of April, is a bank holiday, so you will find most shops closed.  There are many processions happening around the city, particularly around the Cathedral in the Gothic quarter, which is just a short walk from the Ramblas building.  In the afternoon through the late evening there are parades and activities around the cathedral and through the Gothic quarter.  Most churches offer mass but many are by invitation only due to the high number of tourists during this time.  Ask our reception for any questions you may have. Keep in mind that shops will be primarily closed on Good Friday and Easter Monday. 

Check out the Easter events in front of our beautiful Cathedral for Semana Santa.

An Easter procession through the old part of town.

Easter Sunday is the most celebrated day and is a time for families and friends to join up.  With barcelona being the metropolitan city that it is, don’t be surprised to see many families and friends out for the day enjoying the sunshine.  If you would like, there are many religious ceremonies.  Ask our staff or head to the closest church for information.  You will see that most churches post information detailing the events taking place.  Once again, heading to the Cathedral in the Gothic Quarter is a great bet.

“Mona” cakes continue to get more and more creative.

The “Día de la mona de Pascua” is celebrated on Easter Monday.  In Catalonia, it is tradition for the godfather to give a special cake to his godchildren on this day.  Over 1/2 a million “monas” are sold every year in Barcelona during the Easter holiday.  A traditional mona cake is round and resemblant to a big donut, with traditionally marzipan and eggs as ingredients.  They are decorated with eggs, nativity scenes, disney characters — you name it.  The number of eggs is supposed to be the age of the godchild.  You’ll soon realize that the cakes can be quite extravagant, as the cakes come in a variety of shapes, themes and decorations.  As you pass the bakeries in the city, you’ll see these cakes of all different varieties.   To check out one of the biggest, most elaborate mona, head over to Escriba on Gran Via de les Corts Catalanes.  They are famous for making the most awe-inspiring mona each year.

Useful Information

  • Public transport have reduced times, such as buses on Good Friday and Easter Monday.
  • Stores will be closed on Good Friday and Easter Monday, opening on Saturday the 19th but be ready for large queues and people stocking up on groceries for a few days.
  • As far as attractions go, make sure to check times and days of operations to make sure.

Stay with us for your visit to Barcelona! Our beautiful apartments located in the city center are an excellent choice to stay at during your holiday.  As you walk out the door, you will find yourself just steps from the main tourist attractions.  We will help you with any Easter events or questions you may need help with!  At our Ramblas Building Apartments, we have everything you need to allow you to fully enjoy your holiday: friendly, helpful staff and fully-stocked apartments in the most central location.

Photo Credits: William Bakal, Xavier Cabelle, Fransesc, Jordi Boixareu, Carlos Pons,  Dasoaz.

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