Clean Eating Restaurant: The Juice House


Proudly following the clean eating philosophy, The Juice House of the Sant Antoni neighborhood offers some of the best, healthiest food you’ll find in Barcelona.  Having been open for still under a year, it’s already earned itself an honorable reputation for serving up some of the tastiest and freshest plates for vegetarians.  Have no fear, meat-loving friends have plenty of options as well.  Opening just as a juice and smoothie bar, it has gradually evolved into a local brunch and lunch favorite.


The idea was brought about by its two owners who saw it not as a business venture but rather as a lifestyle to promote and advocate to its customers.  They want to share with its clientele that eating healthy can be affordable and delicious, lacking neither flavors nor sufficient nutrients.  Their idea was to make customers feel comfortable, as if you were in your home, everyone to have menu options so as to not feel excluded (celiacs and full vegans welcome!)  As mindful owners, their ingredients come from suppliers of regional origin, carefully chosen from specific farms, and so forth.


The idea of clean eating is shown evidently in their food and philosophy: to eliminate preservatives, chemicals, and processed foods that don’t provide nourishment.  What this restaurant offers are dishes without refined flour or sugar and fresh, natural ingredients in a beautiful, minimalist atmosphere.  The decor is simple: wooden tables and chairs, light tones, and the brick still visible on the walls.


Their juice bar, which was their original idea that everything else stemmed from, offers options that are sure to change your mind about how you eat vegetables.  Juicing is a process in which the nutrients from fruit and vegetables are extracted by being passed through a machine, taking out all of the liquid, without removing their most essential properties.  All of the nutrients remain intact and in their best state.  If you’re looking for more than just a fresh-pressed juice, their menu offers all kinds of breakfast options,  tapas, toasts, salads, and full plates.  Favorites for breakfast are their chia and oat pancakes, with almond cream, chocolate and strawberries to top them off.  For lunch, check out their salads such as Caribbean taboule or quinoa with sweet potato and goat cheese, or their oven-baked eggs just as you like them.  Some of their main plates include dishes such as asparagus, mushroom and spinach risotto, vegetarian burger, eggplant parmesan or their oven-baked salmon with honey.


Hours: Monday-Wednesday 9h to 18h.  Friday-Sunday 10 to 22h.

Address: Parlament, 12.

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Photo Credits: Ana Alfaro, The Juice House, Cecile Collage,

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