Flexiterian Cuisine at Newly Opened Flax & Kale

Self-proclaimed “Flexitarian” restaurant Flax & Kale made its debut late summer into open arms of vegetarians, pescetarians, and fusion-food lovers.  Their theme rests on the simple and well-supported notion that nutritious food in addition to a balanced lifestyle fosters healthy, happy people.  Simple enough, Continue reading

Top 5 Burger Spots in Barcelona

Coming with our abundant international community comes loads of burger joints that undoubtedly put to shame the classic American-style burger.  If you´ve got your mind set on a hamburger, do us a favor and skip out on the all-too-popular fast food chains looming over Continue reading

Changing Season Brings out Café Culture

Gone are the long and extended summer days accompanied by sandals and swims at La Barceloneta and in are the shorter days that call for sweaters, scarves, and castanyes. The chill has officially crept into the city.   The gradual change in seasons is taken in stride Continue reading

Moritz Factory: Mix of Antique Charm and Trendy Modernity

Care to get a taste for Barcelona´s very own hand-made artisan beer?  Loved by tourists and locals alike, Moritz beer is a fan-favorite with both their light and dark beer varieties.  Popular in bars around the city, street fairs, concerts, and of Continue reading

Step just outside the city center and Eixample rewards you with top-notch cuisine

If you venture just outside of the city center, within a fifteen minutes walk, you will find yourself in Eixample.  It is the biggest district of Barcelona, spanning just about half of the city. “Eixample” means extension, in Catalan, depicting the expansion Continue reading

Italian Food a Must Whilst in Barcelona

Most weekend visitors and short-term vacationers have heard of the delectable tapas restaurants, paellas and seafood on the beach, and divine Mediterranean food prior to their holiday in Barcelona.  However, coming along with Barcelona being one of the most metropolitan, international cities in Europe, other types of cuisine Continue reading

Fusion of 4 Kitchens Serve up Exceptional Dishes at Cuines Santa Caterina

Resting on the edge of the trendy Borne neighborhood near the Cathedral lies the newly renovated Santa Caterina market.  Think La Boqueria but a fraction of the size, half the people, and a considerably less chaotic atmosphere. Connected to the market lies a Continue reading

The Top 5 Restaraunts in Ciutat Vella: How to Eat Like a King in Barcelona

Constantly buzzing with energy from its tourists and residents, Ciutat Vella is one of the liveliest places to wander around during all hours of the day and night. It also happens to be one of the best places to taste traditional Mediterranean cuisine: fantastic paellas, Continue reading

Take in a Relaxing Afternoon at El Born’s Alsur Café


Alsur café has gained popularity among locals of the Born district, near the center of Barcelona.  It possesses a unique atmosphere that allows guests to sit comfortably on couch-style seating with cushions and colored pillows. When the warm weather starts Continue reading