Babelia: Secondhand Reads, Fresh Coffee & Tasty Sweets

“You can never get a cup of tea large enough or a book long enough to suit me.” – C.S. Lewis.

Babelia Books & Coffee’s trademark quote by C.S. Lewis almost perfectly captures their intention with their book cafe.  The only thing missing after a cup of would be “a cup of creamy coffee.”  This quaint cafe just outside of the city center is worth taking a visit to.  Picture a homey space in which you can curl up on some cushions while enjoying a wonderful cup of coffee from their international selection, and munch on their famous hazelnut and raisin oatmeal cookie.

Curl up with a book or some friends at Babelia Books & Coffee.

These sweets perfectly complement your beverage of choice.

The storyline behind the cafe begins with two friends who met in Barcelona and decided to leave their office jobs together and explore a new venture.  One Irish and the other Catalan, one dreamed of opening a second-hand bookshop and the other a cultural association.  Turns out, their dreams blended into making a coffee shop that frequently hosts language exchanges, book clubs, and meetings with friends. Picture the stacks shelved with books from many languages, most just costing a couple of euros.  The best part is, grab a book from the shelves while you sip on a coffee and go home with it without breaking the wallet.  As you’ll find yourself so relaxed in its indie atmosphere, it won’t be hard to get absorbed into one of their many second-hand books.

A small sampling of the large array of international secondhand books at Babelia.

The space has a few sections, the library area, the bar, and the multifunctional space which consists of a variety of tables.  Some small tables are here, a few couches with cushions, large chairs and so forth.  Here, the atmosphere is calm, you’ll get the opportunity to sit in solidarity or enjoy a toned-down conversation.  Try their tea pots for two from their impressive selection of international blends, this will run you under 3 euros total.  They’ve also got a tasty assortment of salads, pastries, and treats to savor while you take in the beautiful space.  If you’ve come on a lucky day, they’ve sometimes got books outside for 1 euro.  If you’re interested in a book club or attending one of their workshops, head over to Baelia’s webpage.

A tea pot for two is a great way to pass an afternoon.

Address: Villarroel, 27

How to arrive: Metro Urgell or Sant Antoni.  You can also arrive in just a 20 minutes walk from the Ramblas Building.

Hours: Monday-Thursday 9-20h, Friday 9-23h, Saturday 10-13h & 17-23h.  Sundays closed.

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Photo Credits: Babelia Books

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