Autumn in Barcelona is the City at its Finest

October and November are two magical months for our beloved city of Barcelona.  There are sweets to eat, events to be attended, exhibitions to be seen, and so much more.  Make the most of the greatest happenings this fall.  We’ve compiled a list of why Autumn in Barcelona is a spectacular time of year.  Enjoy!

1. Fewer crowds & brisker daily temperatures

Fewer crowds, a definite bonus, and at first thought, cooler weather might not sound particularly nice, but as of September, a much needed drop from a daily 32 degrees was in order.  You’ll still enjoy a pleasant average of about 15-19 degrees with the majority of the days full of sunshine, so you won’t have to say goodbye to an afternoon drink on an outdoor terrace.  Fewer people clearly means less time spent queueing for one of our famous architectural monuments, more ease when spent traveling by public transport, and more availability at our favorite tapas bars.  Sightseeing days and strolling days during Autumn in Barcelona are more enjoyable without having to escape the heat and the crowds! If you’re even more keen to see less crowded bits of Barcelona, ask our staff for their recommendations regarding residential neighborhoods and lesser-known spots.

Sweet potatoes and chestnuts are dolled out for the “castanyada”

2. Roasted chestnuts and sweet potatoes on every corner

All Saints’ Day is celebrated the day after Halloween, on the 31st of November, and is deemed a national Spanish holiday. Here in Catalunya, it is a day where special foods are eaten — roasted chestnuts, sweet potatoes, and panellets (little marzipan cakes typically covered in pine nuts).  During the month of October,  the street vendors in little wooden-type stands sell “castanyes” (chestnuts) and “moniatos” (sweet potatoes) to passersby to bring about the spirit of “La Castanyada.”  The sweet potatoes range from two to five euros depending on size, and the chestnuts are sold in little paper cones by the six, from a couple of euros.  On the night of the 31st before All Saints’ Day, large queues are seen on the streets to enjoy their hot chestnuts and sweet potatoes.  The smoky flavor of both of the delights is unlike anything else, and will keep you coming back to enjoy the Autumn in Barcelona time and time again.  If you’re keen on trying some panellets, check them out in the windows of the bakeries.  Also, be sure to scope out the prices beforehand, some can reach up to 50 euros per kilo!   Regardless, these treats are quite sweet and will leave you satisfied with one or two.

Traditional Catalan sweets for Autumn in Barcelona.

3. Seeing history before your eyes at FC Barcelona’s Camp Nou 

The incredible Camp Nou at a game during the time of Autumn in Barcelona.

The incredible Camp Nou at a game during the time of Autumn in Barcelona.

Fall-time is right in the midst of La Liga play, where the teams are starting to gain momentum, and important games are coming up.  See the beautiful and historic outdoor museum of Camp Nou and watch history play out with one of the best clubs right before your eyes.  If you didn’t happen to have planned out your holiday during a home match, there are many bars in the old part of town that light up for the matches.  Ask our staff for some recommendations and they’ll point you in the right direction.  True Barça fans: if you’ve got your eyes on an interactive experience of the stadium, the “Camp Nou Experience” gives you a 360 view of the club’s past, present, and future.  We’ve layed out everything you need to know about visiting Camp Nou.

4. 48 hour Open House BCN


48 Hour Open House BCN will allow you to see inside of the real Barcelona.

This weekend, during the days of the 24th to the 25th, “Open House Barcelona” will open over 150 historical buildings not traditionally open to the public.  It is to increase awareness, honor the city’s archictecture, and allow people to experience new sights in Barcelona.  Open House Barcelona is a free event with over 1,200 volunteers making the events possible.  Buildings, houses, hotels, foundations, factories will be open all over Barcelona.  Open monuments are in every district, so it will enable residents and visitors to explore new neighborhoods by the means of the event.  The program is only available in Catalan, but if you ask our reception, they will help you with whatever you may need.  However, the program is quite easy to naviage: the open monument is listed on left, some of which you may recognize, with the address next and finally the date (Dissabte =Saturday; Diumenge=Sunday).  Expect some great things upon Open House Barcelona’s sixth edition!  It’s one of the many events during Autumn in Barcelona that makes the time of year so unique.

The Catalan Art Museum will open its doors for 48 Hours Open BCN

5. Barcelona International Jazz Festival

Jazz Festival takes place during Autumn in Barcelona

Jazz Festival takes place during Autumn in Barcelona

With a variety of venues all throughout the city, the Barcelona International Jazz Festival has gained the reputation for one of the best jazz festivals in Europe!  Its wide range of styles, musicians, and sites bring thousands to the events over the course of late October to early December.   With artists like Chucho Valdés, John Legend, Wayne Shorter Quartet, and Taylor McFerrin, jazz fans are in for a treat.  Some of the venues are the impressive Palau de la Música, trendy Luz de Gas, and the Liceu.  Some events are also held in the Ciutadella Park, and since Autumn in Barcelona is generally warm, you’ll be happy to be outdoors!  The Barcelona International Jazz Festival is a mix of up-and-coming artists, mainstream, and traditional artists.  Head out and catch an event!

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Photo Credits: Don McCullough, Bert Kaufmann, Dani Alvarez, Luc Mercelis.


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