Al Mal Tiempo Buena Cara

Catchy spanish phrase “al mal tiempo buena cara”  is literally translated as “in bad weather, keep a good face.” Its more accurate meaning would be, when things go wrong, continue smiling, or when life gives you lemons, make lemonade.   As spring is now upon us and not all days (though most) are the ideal days full of plentiful sunshine as Barcelona visitors expect, this phrase could not be more fitting on those days of drizzle and grey.  Don’t be mistaken, we’ve got many fabulous days of bountiful sunshine and endless hours to be spent outdoors, but in spring we’re given some days with less than ideal weather.  Having said that, it’s all too easy in our wonderful city to keep that “good face” of yours despite possibly having caught us on a rainy, cloudy, foggy day or two. Our city is filled with almost endless activities to do while inside, while staying dry. Disregarding your interests, you won’t bore easily with all there is to do.

If you’re into museums, we’ve got more than plenty of those.  Barcelona is essentially a never ending museum with Gaudi’s mark that he made on the Modernism movement.  Twenty steps from the Ramblas Building apartments is one of his very first works, Palau Güell.  You’ve also got options to explore more of Gaudi’s works with Casa Batlló or newly renovated and much anticipated La Pedrera, and don’t forget about the Sagrada Familia.  If you want to get in depth with Picasso’s youth and the effect of his early years in Barcelona had on his later works, you can head over to his museum in the Born district.

CosmoCaixa Science Museum is worth checking out.

Science more up your alley? Care to check out one of the best European science museums?  Highly underrated CosmoCaixa Science Museum is truly something to see, and its just a short train ride away.  Miss out on the rain and take a bus from the train stop that leaves you right at the door!  If you’re more into temporary exhibitions, a short distance away from the apartments is the MACBA where there are always exhibitions or events that would surely strike up your interest.  Don’t forget that the Barcelona Bus Turístic is covered with additional seating inside to take you around, hassle-free to wherever you may choose.

Indulge in catalan café delicacies

Had enough of museums and care to get a little more in touch with your shopping side?  We’ve got loads of beautiful stores and plenty of time to be spent in our large shopping malls as well.  If you tire of this, our city is a never-ending haven of quaint cafés to grab a famous “café con leche” (coffee with milk).  In the gothic quarter, there are also tea rooms that you can enjoy some relaxing moments sipping on teas from the Czech Republic or parts of Japan.  Hours can be passed in any one of the given cafés that we recommend, and ask our staff for more ideas if you’re looking for one around the corner!  If you’ve headed to the Born area, one of our absolute favorites is Alsur Café.  Snuggle up on some cushions with one their loose leaf teas or coffee blends and a tasty cake.

If you’re more keen to warm yourself up by way of a nice brew, we’ve got the solution.  Check out Barcelona’s famous Moritz Factory.  The factory inside is beautiful, the beer fresh, and the food innovative and delicious.  If you are more into heading to a local craft beer microbrewery, the craft beer trend has arrived to our city and for this reason, we’ve got more than enough places to keep you happy.  A personal favorite would have to be Kaelderkold just off of La Rambla for its great service, friendly staff and quality beers that are always changing.  Customers that come in there are friendly and up for chatting!


Again, there is not a manner to sum up all the places you could go to enjoy some time indoors, but luckily enough the days of poor weather are few and far between.  Don’t hesitate to ask in the reception about anything you may need on one of these rainy days, whether it be ticketing to a museum, calling a taxi, making a dinner reservation or their personal recommendation of a favorite bar nearby.  We are here to help!  Regardless of the weather, you will keep a “good face” in our fantastic city, because rain or shine, this place is still wonderful!

If you are looking for a place to stay during your holiday in Barcelona, we offer beautiful apartments in the city center.  Located just off of La Rambla, our flats are centrally located and close to the main sights of Barcelona.  At Feel At Home Barcelona, we have all the information, knowledge, and resources to allow you to make the most of your trip.

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