Moritz Factory: Mix of Antique Charm and Trendy Modernity

Care to get a taste for Barcelona´s very own hand-made artisan beer?  Loved by tourists and locals alike, Moritz beer is a fan-favorite with both their light and dark beer varieties.  Popular in bars around the city, street fairs, concerts, and of Continue reading

Marked Rise in Catalan Language not Without its Implications

  If you have ever visited Barcelona before and were taken aback by the lack of Spanish present in the city, you aren´t alone.  As Barcelona belongs to the region of Catalonia, the native language is Catalan, not Spanish. To many first time visitors, it Continue reading

Festes de Gràcia 2014 to Draw 1/2 Million Visitors

The Festa Major of the neighborhood of Gràcia is one of Barcelona´s most popular summer festivals.  From the 15th to the 21st of August, the barrio of Gràcia comes to life with hundreds of street events, concerts and elaborately adorned streets to celebrate Continue reading

Step just outside the city center and Eixample rewards you with top-notch cuisine

If you venture just outside of the city center, within a fifteen minutes walk, you will find yourself in Eixample.  It is the biggest district of Barcelona, spanning just about half of the city. “Eixample” means extension, in Catalan, depicting the expansion Continue reading